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While we take a break from our regular Sunday study times (Sunday School Revolution, Adult Bible Class, etc.) for the summer, we have the time to have a more focused prayer time at the church each Sunday morning at 8:45am before the morning worship service.  Each week we have a guided prayer sheet that will help us pray for our church and community well.  If you cannot join in person some weeks, you can download the sheet below.


As a church, we desire to nourish and nurture a culture of prayerful dependence on God in all our ministry activities and in all areas of our lives as followers of Jesus.  We want to be a people dedicated to praying for one another, our community, and the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ here and around the world.

We foster opportunities for people to pray for and with each other at our organized programs like Awana, Youth Group, Bible studies, and occassional special prayer times.  Growth Groups provide a further and more focused time for folks to develop a life of prayer within a smaller context where time and energy can be invested.



We also have a montly publication from Lutheran Brethren International Mission (LBIM), which is the overseas missionary department of our larger church family, that can be found in the church foyer or by following this link to the Daily Prayer Notes.  

We have a team of people, including the pastor and elders, who will pray for your personal prayer requests & praises.  If you would like to submit prayer requests please email your requests to or by using the email form at the bottom of the page.  If you have a prayer request that is confidential but would still like the pastor and the elders to pray for you, you may email Pr. Kevin directly or email

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