​Bonfil, Mexico

For over a decade, Hope has been partnering with Midwest Borderless Missions to send a team from our youth group to Mexico.  They provide a week long VBS program for the local children and to assist with building projects for our partner church.  Lives have been changed in the process, both in Bonfil and at Hope, but we’re only there for a week, and the local church stay and continue the long-term ministry.

The plan is to continue building these relationships by looking for opportunities to partner with their church. This partnership is a two-way relationship, positively influencing both sides.


Hope’s World Mission Focus

Hope is serious about world missions. Many people groups have never heard about Jesus, and some may never get a chance if a missionary is not sent into their community to share God’s Word with them.

Hope is involved in two world mission initiatives. One through the Church of the Lutheran Brethren in Chad and the other through Borderlees Missions Bonfil, Mexico.

Chad, Africa

Hope has partnered with Lutheran Brethren International Mission to adopt a people group in Chad, Africa (name of people group is removed online for the safety of our missionaries). Along with Swan Lake Church & Bethel Church in Fergus Falls, MN, Hope has called and sent Nathanael and Carrie to this people group (last name removed online for their safety).












Genesis Book Project

Nathanael is working on an illustrated book of Genesis in the native language of the people group to whom they are ministering. This is part of a combined effort to teach them in their written language (and how to read it) while sharing the Gospel with them.